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Alison Burckhardt

Alison’s love of product, brand development, over 20 years of retail buying experience, buying decorating and selling over 6 homes led her to explore her deeper passion for interiors and now home staging.


“I love staging homes as it allows me to use so many of my life learned skills in retail. My corporate roles allowed me the opportunity to manage large teams, develop strategic priorities against tight deadlines and above all be customer obsessed.”


Our company focuses on two types of creation.

Staging vacant homes for potential home buyers to see how to utilize the space and ultimately purchase quickly and for over asking price.


We also work with home owners too busy to shop, take meetings to review story boards, pick furniture, lighting, pillows and paint color. Our clients don’t have the time and often don’t have the desire to work through the interior design process, they just want it done, completed quickly and look amazing.


Our home owners say things like “I never would have thought of that”, “I never would have put those things together, picked those colors, found those accessories, taken the time to shop for all of that.”


“I style homes like I’ve styled my fashion clients. Pulling a fashion closet together, based on their style, making it easy for them to just buy all of what we pulled together. It the same approach I use for designing their home. High/low, unusual and unexpected combinations, for each room to look amazing.”

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