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3 ways to boost your homes mood

The state of your home represents the state of your mind, body and spirit.

A cluttered home can signify a chaotic life.

Have you ever considered that what’s happening in your outside world is showing up in your inside world?

The objective is to create a happy, healthy and productive home environment.

Here are three ways to boost the mood of your home and in turn boost positive vibrations within you.

1. Organize It

2. Add color

3. Light it up

Before all else: Organize it

Our homes are filled with clutter and we don’t even realize it. Research shows that clutter can lessen your ability to focus, added stress that can leave you and your family drained, can even make you eat more. It’s no surprise that there are books, instructional videos and businesses dedicated to the act of tidying up.

Clutter can take many forms. Papers, magazines, too much furniture, too many accessories, closets and drawers that are filled to the brim with things we not only don’t use, but multiples of things we don’t need.

Pick one category, kitchen drawers, and unload every single thing. Then one by one, divide items into 2 piles. One, the things that bring you joy, that are in good condition and you use it. Second pile is everything else that you can sell or donate.

With what’s left, organize it!

Now that the hardest part is done, and you can actually see your space, move to step 2.

Add color.

If you saw my home, you might think my favorite color is white, off white, beige, any form of a white. But if you look closer, you’ll see the pops of color.

Color can come in the way of great art, decorative pillows, your rug, great accent chairs, pottery, the base of your lamps.

Certain colors enhance energy, can also create a sense of calmness too.

Have fun with this.

Light it up.

I believe in layers of light.

We’ve all heard about mood lighting. From the natural sunshine to candles, lighting will add warmth to any room.

If you don’t already have overhead cans in your ceiling, think about adding. If that’s out of the question, dimmer switches are magical.

Oh, and a thing or two about bulbs, there are so many choices from full spectrum that mimic natural light to calming white -toned lights.

Creating a home that you feel your best in, will not only transform how you feel inside, but outside too.

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