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It doesn’t really cost to stage, it pays

Did you know that buyers spend on average 6 minutes in a home and form an opinion within 15 seconds?

According to, 50% of over 3,500 professionally staged homes sold for 10% more than similar unstaged homes in surrounding neighborhoods.

Surveys also show that a staged home sells 67% faster on average.

In conjunction, over 80% of buyers find it easier to visualize the property as their future home when it’s staged beautifully.

So, why stage your property with Ripple Interiors?

The art of staging has so much to do with maximizing useable space.

We strive to give the impression that your property is larger than it actually is by paying attention the right amount of furnishings and accessories. Fill your property up with too much ‘stuff’, oversized furniture and too many accessories equal a home feeling cramped.

Pay attention to flow.

This means how people move easily through your property, each room. Sounds simple, but often times doors can’t open based on furniture placement, people bump into things trying to move through rooms.

We believe the design is in the details, so we pay close attention to what each room needs in order to have every potential buyer feel at home when they enter your property and that they can see the purpose in every room.

We believe in creating buzz worthy, must-see properties. As a seller or as an agent, we want everyone raving about your home.

You want to hear things like “This is so much nicer than the other homes we looked at”, “I can see our family living in this home”, “I can see us entertaining our friends and family in this home”.

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