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Addictive Accessories Disorder

Today I had a conversation with my sister about what we believe is a common problem that we both share. Common being what we're telling ourselves.

AAD: Addictive Accessories Disorder

We can't walk away from nor leave any fabulous home accessory on the shelf of any store. The compulsion to purchase runs deeply through our perfect central beings.

We don't discriminate against style, material or color.

We don't need to know where we'll use these jewels, what room they'll work best in.

We just know we need to own the object of desire. If we don't purchase, it won't be there when we need it. This happens to be a proven fact, so we stick to this theory of ownership.

We're addicted to the act of shopping for home accessories. If I'm to be honest with you all, we're addicted to all kinds of categories of shopping, but thats for another day, another blog post.

Reading the definition of addiction, we qualify.

#1: Repeated involvement with an activity.

How many trips do we each make to HomeGoods, Target, TJMaxx, any home decor store on any street in any town? Lets add virtual store shopping too.

Daily? Every other day? Depends on the weather?

How many texts do we send back and forth to each other with images of things neither of us need but are compelled to buy?

What did our favorite IG's find on their recent shopping excursions?

Wait, did someone just post a story about white ceramic jars, wooden bowls, sea glass beads, baskets of all shapes and sizes? Please don't tease me with pillow posts!

#2: Is there potential harm involved?

We don't think so, depends on how you define harm.

Now I don't mean to trivialize addictions. Shopping addictions are real.

I have stepped up with my own admission.

Regardless, we continue to hunt for all the beautiful options that will add just the right hint of fabulousness to every corner, flat surface and shelf, in every room in both of our homes.

Please tell me you share in this disorder?

Here are some of our favorite finds.

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