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Dorm decor

For most college students, your dorm room will be the first place you’ve lived that wasn’t owned by your parents. This room will serve as your home for a good part of your son/daughter’s time at college. Some parents may wonder if it’s worth decorating a dorm room at all. While you can’t paint the walls or demo the room, that doesn’t mean you can’t infuse the space with your unique style and personality!

Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Stay Organized

A cluttered, messy room can make you feel mentally messy as well. The first way to de-stress your room is to have a place for everything in this relatively small space. This can be difficult, because dorm rooms are so small. That just means you have to get creative and choose functional storage units.

Give your room personality – Yours!

With so many choices, where do you begin? What colors are you drawn too? Create a calm unifying color palette, one you won’t get bored with after the first few months.

How do you want to display your favorite photo’s, memories from home?

Remember, you don’t need to fill up the entire space, it will start to feel cluttered and you’ll no longer feel calm.

Making the bed the focal point in the room, just like at home, is critical. Your son/daughter will be spending a lot of time in their room. Settling into bed to work on a paper, or to catch up on much needed sleep means creating a space cozy

Study these spaces

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